MYZONE Making Movement Measurable

Health ClubsHealth Clubs

MYZONE is the only accurate monitoring device that wirelessly streams and uploads exercise data. Not only can it measure calories and heart rate, it also measures effort using MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) designed to reward effort rather than fitness. Most importantly MYZONE is specifically designed to maximize the revenue potential of each member.

How to make money with MYZONE®

Clubs can monetize MYZONE by incentivizing new members with a MEPs target during the “on boarding” process and therefore extending the average member's length of stay. Additionally clubs can use MYZONE as a tool to sell premium yield memberships and further, prove the calorific value of enhanced training services such as PT. Member tracking, feedback, goal setting and competitions are a very real way to engage your customers and maximize your revenue per member.

The fundamental benefit of MYZONE for a health club is that users can only upload their exercise data at the club they are registered to which not only encourages repeat visits but connects members to the club like never before.

  CorporateCorporate Wellness

MYZONE corporate is an investment in your company’s most important resource, your employees. Numerous studies from around the world show that employees who are physically and mentally active are more productive and less likely to have time off through ill health – this is currently costing the economy billions every year.

MYZONE is an innovative way for employers to encourage and nurture behavioural change towards physical activity in the workforce. Given not all employees go to the gym, in that some will play team sport, and some will walk with their family and friends, MYZONE is designed to record all concerted activity. This means that they can recognize and reward employees wherever and whenever they exercise.

The easy to use system enables employers / wellness programme managers to set KPIs and competitions for staff as well as run key reports to identifiy specifically who is active and who is sedentary in the workplace.


For the first time ever, students can be accurately rewarded for EFFORT during PE. Teachers now have an easy to use tool that will motivate participation in class. In addition parents can monitor the level of physcial activity that their children engage in during school hours. Furthermore, exercise out of school can be assigned and potentially graded, again based on effort.

With an increased attention and focus in society on physical activity, through MYZONE every school now has the opportunity to engage with all their students, to get them all active, to connect and develop suitable healthy living programmes, to develop tangible rewards and to provide hard hitting feedback to parents. In fact, with MYZONE a school can easily become a community health hub.


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