MYZONE Making Movement Measurable

MYZONE Physical Activity Belt MYZONE Physical Activity Belt

The MYZONE Physical Activity Belt is worn during all concerted physical activity and has a unique memory chip which allows up to approximately 16 hrs. of activity to be stored whilst exercising away from the MYZONE centre. Data is automatically and wirelessly uploaded when in range of a MYZONE Console.

  MYZONE Console MYZONE Console

The MYZONE Console is used to house the MYZONE software, and act as the hub of the entire system.
MYZONE Pedestal

MYZONE Pedestal

Pedastal is used to present the console on gym floor when wall mount not approriate.
  MYZONE Watch

MYZONE MZ-50 Watch

Specially coded waterproof watch with heart rate, MEPs, stop watch, countdown timer & Interval trainer rolled into one watch.
MYZONE Receiver MYZONE Wireless Receiver

The MYZONE receiver will receive streamed data from all belts in range, and will enable any stored data to be uploaded.


Using free online account pages, users can view their current and past activity – this creates an ongoing log book for all their physical activity efforts with personal goal setting functions as a key feature. Users can also set MEPs challenges with friends and colleagues.

Owners, coaches or administrators can also view data, drawing down KPI reports in real time. Both individual and aggregate data available.
  Online Accounts


MYZONE Software is used to display live feed data during physical activity. Using the 5 colors of MYZONE, user data is displayed on a group TV screen, showing heart rate, % of maximum heart rate, calorific spend, MEPs, and user name. Data is used for coaching and motivation.

A class function enables small groups to train together and to achieve group targets. Group reports are then available for instructors at the conclusion of the class.


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